Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On Scarcity Logic and Abundance Logistics

It used to be that the poor didn't have a voice, because we were uneducated and people could play word games to placate us and make themselves feel justified in the sociopathological hoarding that causes our plight. Not any more. Today, a master's degree is the bachelor's degree of 1980. PhD's are likewise oversupplied to the point of diminishing returns. What we have today is a very large population of educated people for which the manufactured scarcity model of circulating resources simply will not work, any longer. This isn't a matter of debate, it's a matter of observing and comprehending that which is vs. that which we wish were true.

The Scarcity Logic to which most fundamentalists and Tea Party types cling, which won't see the fates of the global poor -- here and abroad -- as equivalent until we all start dying at the same rate, is a major roadblock on the path to sustainable postscarcity. I understand their confusion, but it's not okay to let that confusion set domestic, much less global, policy.

29,000 Dead in Past 90 Days. Inexcusable. Raising taxes on the Top 5% or even Top 1% so that we, as a nation, can continue to provide the humanitarian aid that makes us a humanitarian people is not a long term solution; but it is better than doing nothing, until we can move forward into a reasonable Mixed Global Economy that works for everyone.

This is a circulation problem, it's about Abundance Logistics. One key reason for the logistical lockup is the common misguided thinking that proclaims those in western relative poverty should feel grateful, because they aren't in the absolute poverty of Somalians. Believe me, we're grateful; and the only reason anyone could possibly believe that we are not equally emotionally traumatized and desperate is that you've never walked a single step, let alone a mile, in our shoes. We're just Invisible People, but we will no longer keep silent.

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